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Why Adopt Organic Farming Methodologies

When it comes to organic farming, this is actually one of the farming methods that has been seen by many to be quite a profitable alternative and over and above this it is as well one whose produce appeals to many consumers for they are seen as being healthy and ethical alternatives. Aside from these benefits, monetary and ethical reasons, there are quite still a number of other benefits that come with organic farming as have been outlined below.

First and foremost is the fact that with organic farming there is a reduced exposure to chemicals and pesticides. It has been a recommendation by the Organic Trade Association that if farmers were to adopt the organic trading methods and technologies, then this would end up lowering by such significant margins the amounts of toxic pesticides that get into the environment annually. There are in fact a lot of the negative environmental issues that actually result from the use of pesticides and chemicals for agricultural purposes. Pesticides result in disease resistance in plants, weeds, the plant-eating insects, fungi and bacteria. Besides this, the chemicals sprayed on plants as well will get to contaminate the soil, water sources and the air that is taken by both plants and animals. Remember the fact that a number of these effects of these will stay with us for such a long time, decades or even longer.

One other benefit of organic farming that needs to be noted is the fact that they indeed contribute a great deal to the building of healthy soil. The one thing that is agreed on by all agriculturalists is the fact that the foundation to growing such healthy food is having first and foremost healthy soil. As a matter of fact, where you happen to be so in the trend of having your soils treated with chemicals and pesticides, the end result will be in a soil that will not be able to make it when left without these. By far and large, the natural soil treatment methods are actually far much better than the chemical dependent methods. It has as well been established that the organic farming methods help build up the soil’s organic matter far much better than the conventional no till farming.

Organic farming is as well advantageous looking at the fact that it helps combat soil erosion. By and large, erosion should be a concern to all as it is seen as one of the major causes of issues of food insecurity and as such where organic farming has been established as one of the best ways to deal with it, then we all need to be looking the direction of organic farming.

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